Never stop laugh.


It is scientifically proven that laughter has healing powers: can produce chemical changes in the body, increasing the immune system, becomes active central and peripheral system and start to activate certain areas in the brain that are asleep. It is proved that the laugh, the honest laugh, has the ability to recover the health of patients, can heal, releases tension, relaxes you, it helps to express ourselves better. A smile on time can change your day, your life, even just a moment that worth it all.
Just in that moment when someone smile at us, and we give back the smile, that’s when we get closer to them. Bet we get older and we stop and we lose the ability to laugh, we laugh less, so much less and that take us away from others. The kids, for example, laugh 300 times a day. Instead adults only laugh 15 times a day. You see the difference?
And the most important thing is laugh with others, not laugh at the other. That laugh brings out the worst in us. The best laugh is the one that coming out naturally, is not planned, just come out from us in the most unexpected, but yet more memorable and beautiful moments.
It is proven that people who have laughed together, feel so much closer from each other. And we don’t need of something funny to laugh, sincere laughter is the most contagious one. So please we need to laugh more often, give that person that we care about a big and brit smile just to add a little more of happiness in their life. We can’t lose anything, we are winning a lot!

ImageSo please never forget to smile, laugh really really hard, like when we were kid and our mom buy us a candy or our favorite cartoon was in tv, or when we see someone and at two seconds later we become best friends for life.

Laugh with your friends and don’t even make excuses and you will be a healthy and happy person. – Dylan Richards


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